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$19 Million Star Pushes for Cowboys Trade With Possible Pay Cut: Report

$19 Million Star Pushes for Cowboys Trade With Possible Pay Cut: Report post thumbnail image

The Dallas Cowboys appear to be high on DeAndre Hopkins’ short list as the Arizona Cardinals pursue possible trade options for the star playmaker. 105.3 The Fan’s Bobby Belt reported that Hopkins “would welcome a trade to the Cowboys,” and is “willing to make financial concessions” to help orchestrate a blockbuster deal to Dallas.

“Players (and one notable head coach in the Rocky Mountains) have a history of trying to use public interest in the Cowboys as leverage with their current team,” Belt wrote on March 17, 2023. “Hopkins’ social media flirtation with Dallas is not that, however.

“Sources have told 105.3 The Fan that Hopkins would welcome a trade to the Cowboys, and he’s willing to make financial concessions in order to achieve that end. The Cowboys aren’t the only team Hopkins would like to play for, but they are certainly on his shortlist.”

The Cowboys Do Not Appear to Share the Same Interest in a Blockbuster Trade for DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins still has two seasons remaining on his $54.5 million contract with a $19.4 million salary for 2023. Hopkins has been spotted in the Dallas area throughout the offseason and shares the same trainer with Dak Prescott, per Belt. The Cowboys do not appear to share the same level of interest in landing Hopkins as the team shot down the blockbuster trade rumors, per NFL Network’s Jane Slater.

“This is my evening tweet covering my bases. I’ve asked…anything to DHop rumors now with more restructuring and Zeke,” Slater tweeted on March 15. “A source ‘No DHop talk from us. Guess he’s telling everybody he wants to be a cowboy.’ Any surprises right now like Gilmore coming? ‘No.’ (All I can do is ask 🤷🏼‍♀️).”

According to Belt, Dallas is seeking a trade for a veteran wideout that is similar to the deal the team gave the Browns last offseason for Amari Cooper. Hopkins is unlikely to fit this criteria as the Cardinals are seeking a high draft pick in exchange for the receiver. Belt reported there has been “zero movement” from the Cowboys to attempt to land Hopkins.

“But here’s the cold reality of all the Hopkins chatter: the Cowboys haven’t been nearly as invested in a potential marriage as Hopkins or many fans would hope,” Belt added. “That’s not to say they couldn’t get involved at some point, but as of right now, there has been zero movement from the Cowboys side.”

The Cardinals Are Seeking ‘Hefty Compensation’ in a Trade for DeAndre Hopkins: Report

All this makes the Cowboys signing Odell Beckham Jr. or another available veteran receiver a more likely pathway for Dallas over striking a trade. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported that the Cardinals are seeking “hefty compensation” in exchange for Hopkins.

“The belief from teams I’ve spoken to is the Cardinals want hefty compensation for WR DeAndre Hopkins (a premium Day 2 pick and more),” Fowler detailed on March 12. “His age (30) and last year’s suspension are issues for some teams, but a new team would be getting a premier receiver who, I’m told, is highly motivated to reaffirm his spot among the best. And his deal is fairly manageable, with $34.4 million over two years that can be restructured to save nearly $10 million in cap space this year.”

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