‘A Picture of Her’ Behind-the-Scenes: Cast, Filming Locations & Stories

The Hallmark Channel’s newest movie, “A Picture of Her,” premieres on Saturday March 25, at 8 p.m. Eastern/7 p.m. Central. The movie stars Rhiannon Fish and Tyler Hynes. Read on to learn behind-the-scenes stories from the film, including where it was filmed and the cast involved.

‘A Picture of Her’ Was Filmed in Vancouver, Canada

Hallmark“A Picture of Her”

Part of the “Spring Into Love” lineup on Hallmark, “A Picture of Her” was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. In an interview with Just Jared, Rhiannon Fish talked about filming in the Vancouver region and trying to give a “spring” feel to a movie that was shot while it was really cold.

“I think it sort of comes with shooting in Vancouver,” Fish said. “We were shooting out in Squamish and we were shooting a springtime movie in winter. So, we’re out on the docks, right on the water where Beth’s boat is, and it was just absolutely snowing. Of course, in this movie it’s not allowed to snow, so it was very difficult.”

She added: “I tip my hat to the crew who have to make it look like it’s not snow snowing. They had full-blown like covers built over Tyler and I, and the camera was undercover. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the film and the edit and seeing if you can see any of the snow, because it was definitely there on the day at the docks.”

The movie’s production company, “Photo Road Productions,” is from Vancouver. The director, Michael Robison, is from Canada, as is one of the stars, Samantha Ferris.

The movie’s working title was “The Girl in the Picture”, as seen in this behind-the-scenes screenshot shared by a fan.

You can see the same production name in Hynes’ behind-the-scenes video.


Hynes posted a series of photos on Instagram, writing: “Jake. 🌹Here to give a warm hug after your #chimera experience.” His mention of Chimera was referring back to a short online movie he made.

A fan account posted a montage of Hynes riding his motorcycle, just as he does in this new movie. It’s no secret that he absolutely adores his bikes, so to see him ride one in the movie is an absolute treat for fans.

Hynes also attended a Facebook Live alone, as Fish was “tied to something she couldn’t get out of,” he shared. Hynes answered some of the fans’ questions during that time. He joked that his co-host was Rusty James, his quiet dog, who was peacefully waiting while he spoke to the fans. Rusty, however, decided he needed to be put down on the ground around seven minutes in.

As Hynes continued the video, he was asked if there were any exciting tidbits he could share from the film.

“When we embarked on making this movie, I was obviously aware of the fact that there were some motorcycle situations,” he said. “I thought it’d be pertinent that I’d be the person on that motorcycle, seeing that it would be a waste of opportunity for it not to be the case… I kind of ate my words a little bit as I found myself in the middle of a rain storm, freezing in the mountains.”

While this does not sound comfortable, he continued by saying that it was something he wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Hynes also told US Weekly how amazing his chemistry with Fish was during the filming of the movie.

“There’s something very present about [Fish],” he said. “There was never a moment where I was looking at her and doing things in the scene where she wasn’t right there with me.”

As for Fish, she posted this picture of her and her co-star, and wrote: “Shooting spring in winter. Cute.”

Meet the Cast


Hallmark’s detailed synopsis (with some spoilers) reads:

Beth (Fish) works on her dad’s salmon boat, harbored in a picturesque fishing village in the pacific northwest. When her Aunt Dody (Samantha Ferris, “Devil in Ohio”) breaks her leg and has no family to help care for her, Beth offers to go visit her in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Jake Driver (Hynes), a freelance photojournalist who goes by the name of “Shutterbot,” dreams of a career as a fine art photographer. Until his career takes off, he accepts assignments from a friend at a popular weekly newspaper. His next gig is to shoot springtime at a farmers’ market where he happens to snap a stunning candid photo of Beth at the flower stand and inadvertently, includes it with his assignment. It ends up earning a prize position on the cover of the weekly and becomes an overnight viral sensation. Jake is stunned by the accident but thrilled when he unexpectedly meets Beth at a dog park. Finding a way to get to know Beth without her guessing who he is, a friendship rapidly blossoms, and he becomes smitten by her unpretentiousness and effortless charm. Because of the photo, Beth now finds herself fielding offers from modeling agencies and invitations to appear on talk shows. Swept up by her newfound fame and encouraged by Dody, Beth agrees to appear in a commercial, and it is there she discovers Jake’s been the mystery photographer all along. Angry and hurt, Beth turns her back on her short-lived fame and heads back to the safety and obscurity of her father’s boat. Jake desperately wants to explain to Beth but is unsure how to even contact her. It is only when her Aunt Dody, realizing that both Beth and Jake are in love, cooks up a scheme to reunite them in the charming fishing village.

Rhiannon Fish, who plays Beth, is well recognised for her performance as Ontari in “The 100.” According to her bio, as a kid she portrayed Lisa Jefferies in the Australian TV series “Neighbours.” In her late teens, she landed the series regular role of April Scott on “Home and Away,” which made her an Australian household name. Fish has also had a successful career in films, starring in movies like “Playing for Charlie,” “Relentless,” 2018’s “Occupation,” plus “Remembering Love” and “You’re Bacon Me Crazy” for Hallmark. She will be starring in the upcoming movies,”Love and Chocolate” and “Love on Eagles’ Wings.”

Tyler Hynes plays Jake. According to his bio, he appeared in the 24-episode run of the TV series “Stories from the Never-Ending Story” as Atreyu and the 26-episode run of Peter Benchley’s “Amazon” as The Chosen One. Then, he starred in Disney’s “The Other Me” and “Terrorized by Teens: The Jonathan Wamback Story,” which told the true story of a young man who was bullied, beaten, and left with permanent brain damage, garnering major national media attention and led to the launching of anti-bullying town halls.

He is no stranger to Hallmark movies, and you can catch his many appearances as leading roles in films such as “Three Wise Men & a Baby” and “Always Amore” and more.

Also starring in the movie are:

Samantha Ferris
Alison Araya
Robert Wisden
Daniel Bacon
Aadila Dosani
Haley Victoria Hunt
Gavin Langelo
Madonna Gonzalez
Mark James
Rahat Saini
Jason Furukawa
Seth Whittaker
Dominique Termansen
Gabriel Prevost-Takahashi
Felicia Chiappetta
Tebo Nzeku

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