Aaron Rodgers Reveals Star Player He’d Demand Be Traded to Jets

A certain player could become a priority this offseason.

Aaron Rodgers addressed the “wish-list” controversy that took over social media that he allegedly handed to the New York Jets during an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

He said that simply isn’t accurate, but he did reveal a name that he would have put on that list.

“I think there were other teams that were interested and obviously there are certain players that I have a lot of love and affinity for. Reuniting with especially one specific person would’ve been good.”

Pat McAfee interrupts him and asks if he was talking about Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

“I’m not mentioning any names [cracking a smile]. There is definitely one particular guy who [he] and I have this special kind of unspoken rapport.”

McAfee interrupts again and says, “oh yeah that’s Davante who is currently on the Raiders.”

Rodgers responds and says, “if I was a demanding person I probably would. If there was anyone that I would have wanted to put on a demand list, I mean if you can incorporate any player across the league, there’d be one specific person.”

Jets Ready to Go All-in Around QB Aaron Rodgers

Up until the start of the Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday, March 15, no one truly knew where we were as it pertained to the Aaron Rodgers trade situation.

Did he want to play for the Jets? Is the trade worked out? What about the contract?

Rodgers confirmed that not only does he want to play football in 2023, dispelling retirement rumors, but his intention is to play for the Jets.

This is the first time that A-Rod has publically made those comments and now the ball can start to move downhill on figuring out the trade component.

Rodgers also revealed that he isn’t the one that has been holding this up, but rather the Packers who are “dragging their feet” trying to get the most possible compensation back from the Jets in a potential trade.

Currently, he is still a member of the Green Bay Packers but all the cards are now on the table.

Green Bay told A-Rod when he came out of his darkness retreat that they’d like to move in a different direction so they can hand the keys of the franchise to youngster Jordan Love.

The Packers are ready to move on, Rodgers is ready to move on, and now a trade must be consummated between all parties involved.

Wish List Details Are out, Aaron Rodgers Explains Conversation With Jets

Dianna Russini of ESPN revealed on Tuesday, March 14 that Rodgers provided the Jets with a “wish list of free agents” he would like to see them go after.

Aaron Rodgers has provided the NY Jets with a wish-list of free agents he would like them to target and acquire, per sources.
It includes Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, Marcedes Lewis and….Odell Beckham Jr.

— Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) March 14, 2023

That list included a bunch of current and former members of the Packers like Randall Cobb, Allen Lazard, and Marcedes Lewis.

However according to Rodgers that isn’t how it went down.

He revealed that when he met with the Jets in-person they asked him about players he’s familiar with and guys he likes in the league. Rodgers said this wasn’t a list of demands and he didn’t write a bunch of player’s names on a piece of parchment and demand the team gets those players.

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