Ayesha Alexander Curry, Steph Curry’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Steph Curry is married to Ayesha Alexander Curry, a Canadian-American television personality, chef and actress. The Golden State Warriors star and his wife have known each other since they were teenagers and they’ve now been married for over 10 years. Steph and Ayesha Curry currently live with their three kids in Atherton, California.

Here’s what you need to know about Steph Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry:

1. Ayesha Curry Grew Up in Toronto, Canada, With 4 Siblings & the Family Moved to Charlotte, North Carolina When She Was 14

Ayesha Disa Curry was born in Markham, Ontario, Canada, just outside Toronto, on March 23, 1989. She has four siblings, Maria, Janiece, Jaz and Chad. Curry’s mother, Carol Alexander, is of Jamaican-Chinese descent while her father, John Alexander, is of African American and Polish descent. She grew up in Toronto until she was 14 years old, at which point the family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.

When Ayesha Curry was growing up, her mother was running a hair salon out of the family’s basement and she said she eventually ended up owning her own award-winning salon, which was a big inspiration to her. Ayesha Curry is very close with her mother, telling Bustle, “My mom is my greatest role model and one of my closest friends… She taught me the value of hard work and that if you want something, don’t be afraid to fight for it.”

In addition to getting inspired by her mother’s work ethic, Ayesha Curry said her mother and grandmother inspired her sense of style. “I definitely got my love of fashion and beauty from my mom and grandmother,” she confessed. “I don’t think I went a day without seeing my grandmother without a full face of makeup, so that idea of presenting yourself and taking pride in your appearance was instilled in me from a young age.”

She said her mother now lives close to her and the two spend a lot of time together and with the Curry children as well. She is also close with her father, a former road manager who made the switch to real estate, and posted a tribute to him on Father’s Day in June 2018. “Happy Fathers Day to my daddy!!!!! The reason Stephen has to deal with a full fledged diva princess every single day. My A1 day one biggest supporter. You always encourage me to be my best self and shoot for the stars!… best grandpa ever too,” she wrote on Instagram.

2. Ayesha Curry & Steph Curry Met in Their Church Youth Group in Charlotte & Reconnected in Los Angeles Years Later

The NBA star and his wife first met at a church youth group in Charlotte when they were 15 and 14 years old, respectively. Curry told Kristin Vining Photography for a feature on their wedding that after they met, “Our parents used to make jokes about how cute we were together, but we didn’t know.” Ayesha Curry added that they bonded over finding out that they both lived in Toronto and liked the same candy from Canada.

However, they were both very shy and didn’t begin dating until after high school. In fact, Curry’s sister Sydel spilled on those early days at their youth group. “That’s how she would flirt with him, in a way,” she said in Marcus Thompson’s “Golden” as reported by Mercury News. “She would find him after church, barely say two words, and like walk away. I would look at her like ‘God, she’s so lame.’ He clearly liked it. It left an impression.”

Ayesha Curry moved to Los Angeles for her acting career and when Curry was in town, he reached out to her on Facebook to meet up. “She tried to play me off, saying we could hang out another time if I was ever back in town,” he dished. “She didn’t know I was coming back the next week.

They did hang out but they didn’t start dating until she moved back to Charlotte. A couple of years later, Curry proposed to his girlfriend at his parents’ house on the spot where they had their first kiss.

The couple tied the knot on July 30, 2011, in Charlotte in front of 420 guests. The wedding ceremony took place in the same church where they first met years prior, followed by a reception at Charlotte’s luxurious Ballantyne Hotel. In September 2021, Ayesha Curry revealed that her husband surprised her with a vow renewal ceremony for their 10th wedding anniversary officiated by their eldest daughter Riley.

On July 30, 2022, Ayesha Curry posted about being married for 11 years, writing on Instagram, “11!!!! Today we celebrated 11 years married! It’s truly flown by. Getting to spend my life with my best friennnnnd, my love, my rock, my everything. Every year just gets better! I am so grateful and feel so blessed. More than half way to 20! That’s crazy!!! Okay… back to celebrating . I love you @stephencurry30 !”

3. Steph & Ayesha Curry Have 3 Children Together, 2 Daughters & a Son, & Their Parents Have Revealed Some of Their Interests & Talents

Steph and Ayesha Curry have three children, two daughters and a son. Their eldest, Riley Elizabeth Curry was born on July 19, 2012. The proud parents have shared that Riley appears to be following in both her parents’ footsteps and has shown talent in the kitchen and in athletics.

“Our oldest is interested in volleyball,” Curry told E! News at the Dec. 8 2022 Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards. In June 2022, Ayesha Curry revealed that their eldest, Riley, is also great at cooking. “She made us this chicken piccata the other night from scratch,” she told People at the time. “I did absolutely nothing. People were hitting me up like, ‘That was fake, right?’ And I’m like, ‘Absolutely not, no.’ She did it from start to finish and it was absolutely delicious. I was so proud I could cry.”

On July 10, 2015, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Ryan Carson Curry. On her 7th birthday in July 2022, her proud mother wrote on Instagram, “She is compassionate, head strong, caring, smart, beyond loving and certainly beats to her own drum! We love our little butterfly. @stephencurry30 and I are so proud.”

On July 2, 2018, the couple’s third child and first son, Canon W. Jack Curry, was born. Curry joked in an interview with People that their son is the “most social” of the family. “He’s 4, so we start pre-K, and he thinks he started middle school,” the Warriors star said. “So it’s kind of funny, to see his energy in terms of, he thinks he’s the mayor of his school already and he hasn’t even shown up to campus yet.”

Ayesha Curry has been candid in the past about struggling to juggle motherhood and her career, especially as she had her kids at a young age. She said she loved being a mother but wanted to do more for herself. “I always had this feeling of like, I think that there’s a double duty that I could be playing here as I was like, I have hopes and dreams for myself and there’s gotta be a way to do both,” she shared in an interview with Motherly.

She explained that she confided in her husband, her mother and her mother-in-law about how she was feeling and that’s how she began her blog about cooking, which is what really launched her career as a chef.

4. Ayesha Curry Is a Talented, Self-Taught Chef Who Began as a Blogger & Eventually Got Her Own Show on the Food Network

While she began her career in acting and has appearances in shows like “Hannah Montana” and “Gary Unmarried,” Ayesha Curry soon began focusing on her culinary career. It all began in 2014 when she started her blog and then a YouTube channel called “Little Lights of Mine” showing cooking demonstrations and recipes. From there, her career as a chef took off.

She shared in an interview with Oprah Daily that Curry was the one who pushed her to pursue that passion. “Starting my blog was so scary!” she said. “My husband is the one who encouraged me to do it. I didn’t know what the future would hold and was really just going with the flow and kind of doing what felt right and what I felt passionate about.” Her YouTube channel now has more than half a million subscribers.

In 2016, she started her own show, “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen,” on the Food Network, which lasted two seasons. In addition to that, she wrote two cookbooks, “The Seasoned Life,” which came out in 2016, and “The Full Plate,” in 2020. Ayesha Curry’s career was so successful that she was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for Food and Drink.

The mother-of-three also founded International Smoke, a chain of restaurants she launched with award-winning Chef Michael Mina that was “Inspired by Curry and Mina’s shared love of global travels and international cooking techniques.”

5. Ayesha Curry Also Has Her Own Brand, Sweet July & Co-Founded a Charitable Organization With Steph Curry

The entrepreneur has other ventures as well, primarily her Sweet July brand, which first started as a magazine and then grew from there. Sweet July now includes home decor, cookware, beauty products and clothes and it has a monthly subscription box filled with various lifestyle products. In 2022, she signed a partnership deal with publishing company Zando to start publishing books under the name Sweet July Books, Forbes reported.

While speaking with Forbes, she shared that the name Sweet July is representative of an important month for the Currys as it includes their wedding anniversary and the birthdays of all three children.

In addition to her entrepreneurial initiatives, Ayesha Curry and her husband have also gone down the path of philanthropy. The Currys wanted to give back to their community in Oakland, California so they launched a foundation called Eat. Learn. Play. in 2019, which combines both of their goals.

“For him, that was always education and being active,” Ayesha Curry told Town & Country. “For me it was always food and childhood hunger.”

Since its inception, the foundation has had a major impact, with its website stating that it has so far reached, “$38 million raised and invested, 150,000 youth reached, $3.4 million invested in literacy programming and 500,000 books distributed, 25 million meals and 2.1 million pounds of produce served to kids and families.”

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