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Clippers Coach Has Strong Words on Aging Stephen Curry Amid Warriors’ Road-Woes

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Stephen Curry’s 50-point performance wasn’t enough to earn the Golden State Warriors a victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. The loss marked Golden State’s ninth-straight on the road, bringing their record to 7-27 away from home.

It’s almost like Clippers head coach Tyronn Lue knew what was coming in the March 15 meeting. Prior to the game he dished out some serious praise for the Warriors star.

“I know Steph gets a lot of credit for changing the game with a three-point shot, but what’s underrated is how he finishes in the paint with both hands as floaters, left hand, right hand, and he’s all around great player,” he said via NBC Sports Bay Area.

Lue, who coached the rival Cleveland Cavaliers in three-straight NBA Finals matchups against the Dubs, shined light on Curry’s continued dominance despite his old age.

“When you put the work in like he’s done over the years, taking care of his body, you’re only going to get better,” Lue continued. “But 35 years old, playing the high level that he’s playing at like I said, a lot of guys are doing that nowadays. Back when I played, that wasn’t the case.”

He finished by crediting the 35-year-old for taking care of his body the correct way.

“So I guess, putting the work in, taking care of your body, I think the medical side and with the science and everything, just making sure you’re doing it right by the players and everything you’re doing for their body to try to preserve those guys has been great,” Lue concluded. “You see guys are playing at a higher level at an older age.”

Ty Lue praises the work Steph has put in to continue to play at a high level at 35 years old

— Warriors on NBCS (@NBCSWarriors) March 16, 2023

Stephen Curry Sounds Off After Warriors Lose to Clippers

Curry was disappointed not to pick up the win, despite his offensive explosion in L.A.

“I mean, y’all know me,” Curry said via the NBA Interviews YouTube channel. “It’s nice to play well and shoot well. That’s what I expect to do every night. No matter what the stat sheet looks like after the game, it’s just frustrating when you can’t get over the hump and figure out a way to get a win. Especially with where we’ve been all season on the road. So, our job is to just keep playing, keep competing at a high level, and try to figure it out. Whatever I got during the process individually, it’s what I expect to do. So, I’m just going to keep doing that.”

Warriors’ Draymond Green Discusses Playing Alongside Steph

His teammate, Draymond Green, also took the time to speak with reporters, following the loss. Green explained what it’s like to play alongside a scorching Steph.

“Yeah, I mean, you try to figure out what it is that you do,” Green said via the NBA Interviews YouTube channel. “If that’s setting a screen, if that’s spacing, give him space. But you also try to stay active, so the defense can’t just go boxes and elbows on him and line everything up. You stay active. Cut, screen, just to keep the defense occupied while he does what he was doing.”

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