Draymond Green’s Kids & Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Draymond Green is a proud son, husband and father and he’s often posted photos of his family on social media. The Golden State Warriors star is married to Hazel Renee Joiner and raising three children with his wife. Green, who was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, is also close with his mother and siblings.

Here’s what you need to know about Draymond Green’s children and family:

1. Draymond Green Is Married to Hazel Renee Joiner & Proposed to Her in an Elaborate, Romantic Manner

Green and Renee started dating several years ago but they’ve known each other for much longer. They first met at Michigan State University in a theater class. Green was a freshman then while Renee ran track and field and the two classmates bonded over their athletic backgrounds.

She told Vogue that the two “naturally gravitated toward one another for group projects.” Years later, they reconnected for a first date in Los Angeles once Green was already established in the NBA and Renee was pursuing her acting and singing career.

In an interview with Essence, Renee said they spent all day at a rooftop pool catching up and talking for hours. The reality star and actress said that first date was exactly how their relationship turned out to be: “We really are best friends.”

On January 19, 2019, Green proposed to Renee in a romantic setting surrounded by their family. The two shared a video of the proposal, which started with the couple and their kids on a helicopter ride to a boat. Once there, Green got down on one knee and popped the question in front of their loved ones.

They got married on August 14, 2022, after a three-year engagement due to COVID-19 delays and Renee’s pregnancy. They said their vows in front of a group of family and close friends, including several NBA stars, at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego, according to Vogue.

2. Draymond Green Has a Son, Draymond Jamal ‘DJ’ Green Jr., Who He Shares With His Ex-Girlfriend

Green has a son, named Draymond Jamal Green Jr., or DJ for short, who was born on December 22, 2016. DJ’s mother is Green’s ex-girlfriend Jelissa Hardy. Green has often been seen at Warriors games with his son DJ and he’s shared that his son isn’t shy around his teammates.

In one E! News interview from 2022, Green said DJ was with him in the locker room after a Dubs practice and his then-5-year-old son said, “‘All right, Daddy, I’m going to rebound for Steph [Curry],’” Green recounted. “And Juan [Toscano-Anderson] was like, ‘That’s so crazy. He’s just randomly talking about he’s going to rebound for the greatest shooter that ever played the game of basketball.’”

Green said, “I know he doesn’t quite understand it yet… Like, ‘Dude, you’re going to rebound for Steph Curry. That’s such an incredible experience.’” The NBA star also revealed that DJ walks around the Chase Center like he owns the place, but said he’s not surprised, as every staff member and employee greets his son with enthusiasm.

He added, “This is why when we’re sitting at home and I tell him, ‘Hey, you can’t go to the gym today,’ he says, ‘No, everybody’s here to see me!’” Green said he’s so grateful for the Warriors staff as he said each and every one of them has been nothing but amazing with his boy and made DJ feel at home there.

“Also our guys on the team that show him the love that they show him, make him feel like he’s a part of everything, that will allow him to rebound for them and pass him the ball,” Green continued, “Like, that’s an experience that money can’t buy.”

3. Draymond Green Is Helping to Raise Hazel Renee Joiner’s Daughter From a Previous Relationship

Hazel Renee has a daughter with her ex-boyfriend Jacob Pullen, Olive, and it seems as though Olive lives with her mother most of the time. During an appearance on “Basketball Wives” season 6, Renee shared that Pullen is her baby’s father but he was playing basketball overseas. At the time, the couple was going through some obstacles and she was getting relationship advice from Tami Roman.

Green has previously given a shout-out to Olive’s father on Instagram as he wrote for her fifth birthday a touching tribute on Instagram.

“My little Braveheart,” he began. “Wow you’re 5 going on 25 years old today. Keep being free-spirited and figuring life out baby girl. I thank God that he chose me to be apart of your life. What a blessing you are, and I thank Mami and Jake for making such a wonderful baby girl and allowing me to take part in helping raise you. You’re such an amazing big sister and little helper. Keep being you little smart baby we love you!”

4. Draymond Green & Hazel Renee Joiner Welcomed Their First Child Together in 2020

Green and Renee welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Cash, in October 2020. Renee posted an adorable video on October 26, 2020, showing her and Green returning home from the hospital with baby Cash. As they walked in, Olive and DJ greeted them and said hello to their baby sister, both kids giving her sweet kisses on her head.

The video showed off the family’s living room, which was decorated with flowers and gold balloons that spelled out “Welcome Baby Cash.”

Renee captioned the post, “I’M NOT CRYING…YOU ARE. What a journey with you by my side @money23green ! You always make every moment we’ve shared beyond memorable. As if bringing this little human into this world wasn’t enough. I’ve cried from the moment you showed me this the first time! I never know how you find the time to set all this stuff up. But I appreciate and I Love You.”

In December 2020, Green posted his first update about the birth of his daughter, writing that his wife was the “GOAT” for giving birth after a 27-hour labor.

5. Draymond Green Has Opened Up About Parenthood & What He Wants to Teach His Children

Green has talked about wanting to play better basketball for his kids as they’re growing up and starting to get a better understanding of each game. “I want to show them what I’m actually capable of,” he told NBC Sports. “They are a ton of motivation.”

Renee and Green addressed an incident at Game 3 of the NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics in June 2022 in which fans yelled profanities at him. Afterward, Renee ripped into Celtics fans on an Instagram Story shared by NBC Sports, writing that fans shouldn’t be permitted to yell obscenities at players.

She called out the NBA for not enforcing the “code of conduct” rules and slammed Celtics fans for their “disgusting” and “shameful” behavior, pointing out that her kids were there and heard what was yelled.

However, Green had a different perspective, which he shared on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.” He said he knew his wife was upset that his kids heard the profanities but that he was choosing to see it as a learning opportunity for his son. “I’m raising a man so I don’t make much of him hearing or seeing that,” he said. “We walked out of there smiling with our heads held high … I’m actually happy that he saw that because, for the rest of his life, we’ll have the opportunity to talk about [it].”

Green shared a glimpse into his approach to parenthood in a New York Times interview when he said that every day, parents have “another opportunity and obligation to understand your child.” He said kids change so much day to day so it’s impossible to ever have them figured out.

He added, “parenthood is not easy. It is not easy at all. But every day you have to make that decision to try to be a great parent. You have to try to figure out what are your best things that you want to give to your kids. And I’m not speaking of materialistic things. I’m speaking of lessons you want to instill.”

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