Fans Overreact to Insider Linking Jets to New Surprise QB in 2023

More mystery has clouded the New York Jets quarterback situation heading into 2023.

NFL Insider Josina Anderson provided an intriguing update on the CBS Sports HQ desk live from the Super Bowl:

“One of the things that I was also hearing with regards to the Jets is that they may also potentially be considering quarterbacks who are not immediately eligible for unrestricted free agency. I mean as far as quarterbacks that may become eligible who are not necessarily known to be available or anticipated to be available at this point.”

Very interesting from @JosinaAnderson:

“I’m also hearing the #Jets may be considering quarterbacks that may become available who are not necessarily known to be available.”

Some surprise QB names potentially entering the fold? Oh baby… #TakeFlight https://t.co/ojP8z4NQjx

— Paul Andrew Esden Jr (@BoyGreen25) February 10, 2023

Fans React to New QB That Could Become Available for Jets in 2023

After intently listening to Anderson’s report it seems that a surprise quarterback that none of us are talking about in the public could become available.

Who could that quarterback be for the Jets? We dug up the best answers from fans to that very question.

That means Ryan Tannehill

— Bubba (@BubbaBranagan) February 10, 2023

One Twitter user believes that’ll lead the Jets to Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill. He is under contract for another year with the Titans but the new regime could hit the reset button this offseason.

I know he’s currently injured but with everything happening in Arizona with new GM and coach are we sure Kyler will be there long term? I could live with a month of Brissett or MW while Kyler heals 🤷‍♂️

— 🐶⚡️ (@JetsDumb) February 10, 2023

A true surprise name could be Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray. While he just signed a record-breaking extension an entire new GM-HC regime is coming in and they could blow things up.

jets about to trade for patrick mahomes LETS GO https://t.co/P6E6voSdw8

— jets west (@jetstothewest) February 10, 2023

A Twitter user seems excited about the possibility of Kansas City Chiefs superstar QB Patrick Mahomes. However, that one seems a tad unlikely but I respect the passion.

Interesting. It’s possible they got a QB in mind that’s off the public’s radar but I think this is more of a smoke screen to keep the Rodgers price down since Woody basically had a blank check in his hand on the red carpet last night. #Jets https://t.co/pGywB3486H

— Don Drew (@TheDonDrew) February 10, 2023

A Twitter user said it is possible that the Jets are targeting a quarterback “off the public’s radar” but he also brought up the possibility of a smokescreen situation.

In theory, if the Jets were interested in other names, that could drive the potential price down for an Aaron Rodgers blockbuster trade.

More Surprise QB Names Have Entered Potential Jets Conversation

A Twitter user floated a guy like Andrew Luck who could come out of retirement to “take over the Big Apple.”

Andrew Luck is ready to takeover the Big 🍎 https://t.co/TQGlw9Amt3

— Michael Meegan (@Meegs214) February 10, 2023

A very popular response to the question was Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert who is due for a big-time contract in the near future.

Justin Herbert! #Imagine https://t.co/MNQS54t92d

— ××FutureScout×× (@Connorx28) February 10, 2023

One name that hasn’t gotten a lot of run but could be intriguing is New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. He is set to be a free agent this offseason but it’s unclear if he will make it there with the franchise tag always looming.

This sounds like Daniel Jones or Kyler Murray https://t.co/QOuNsb4z0j

— JJ 🦾 (@Judetruth) February 10, 2023

Would the Dallas Cowboys be crazy enough to trade Dak Prescott? The answer is probably because Jerry Jones is the owner. If he were to shake free that would be one of the most talented options available this offseason.


— Mind Goblin (@MindGoblinNY) February 10, 2023

Staying in the NFC conference, Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams could move the needle if he’s healthy. That is a major if, but he is someone that could make sense.

My guess would be Stafford. Maybe even Winston if Carr signs with NO.

— Malcolm Daniels (@Malcolm4KY) February 10, 2023

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins isn’t someone Jets fans are particularly fond of. However, he could be another guy that has put up solid production throughout his career and could elevate this young talented offense to the next level.

i do not want stafford or cousins.

— 短気 (Windy) (@windynoeru) February 10, 2023

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