Farrah Abraham Makes Instagram Post About the ‘Unhealed Version of You’

Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram story late in the night on Wednesday, March 22, to share a message about personal growth.

“I needed this today, Thank you,” Abraham’s post read, “Please don’t ever give anybody enough power over you to bring back the triggered, unhealed version of you, when you’ve worked so hard to become better than that.” It is unclear if these are Abraham’s own words, or if it is a screenshot of another user’s post, however Abraham added a gif of a “South Park” character saying “I’m not going back there, ever!”

Farrah Abraham Went on ‘Couples Therapy’ in 2014

Part of Abraham’s healing and growth occurred in therapy, and in 2014 Abraham went on the VH1 show “Couples Therapy” to work through some of her past issues on camera. While on the show, Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen joined her daughter to talk through their history together.

The two spoke about their history of resorting to physical violence, and Abraham told her mother, “You just don’t know how to control yourself and talk to us, and that’s why I feel there’s a disconnect a lot. It’s hurtful,” to which Danielsen responded, “Yeah, well is that my fault? Why?”

Abraham and Danielsen have experienced a lot of ups and downs in their mother-daughter relationship over the years. In January 2022, Danielsen decided “to call a timeout” from her relationship with her daughter, and it is unclear where the two stand today.

Abraham has previously spoken about her childhood, claiming she comes from an “abusive environment”, and that she would have “cuts, bruises, welts, swelling and scars” from being physically beaten by her parents, however Danielsen denied Abraham’s claims in a 2023 podcast recording.

“Let’s get the record straight about [the claims of] child abuse, sexually molestation, bullying…and all kinds of other things that have been going around that are absolutely not true,” Danielsen said, “We often hear Farrah talk about how she was sexually molested and she had a really rough childhood,” Debra stated. “I don’t even know what all she’s been saying. I want to go on the record and say: Farrah comes from a very privileged background…”

Farrah Abraham Has a Message For ‘Parent Shamers’

Despite having a tumultuous relationship with her own mother, Abraham has firm opinions on how she wants to raise her 14-year-old daughter Sophia. Abraham brought Sophia to get facial piercings for her 14th birthday in February 2023, and after receiving backlash online, Abraham took to Instagram to defend herself for allowing her daughter to express herself through these piercings.

“Parent Shamers I will always have a door open for you as I was once like you,I know what I’m not for and I know teen’s need a lot of compassion right now … Right now Sophia is learning well-being, self love, mental health , sex Ed, drug education, Ada compliant education before actions go beyond her learning. So she is prepared for all that life brings her way,” Abraham wrote in her post’s caption, which included a video the former MTV star recorded and shared with TMZ.

Sophia’s father was Derek Underwood, Abraham’s high school boyfriend who passed away in a car accident shortly before Sophia’s birth.

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