India v Australia: first men’s one-day international – live

Updates from the series opener at Wankhede StadiumAny thoughts? Email or tweet @GeoffLemonSport

2nd over: Australia 5-1 (Marsh 0) What an over! The contest is great. Siraj bowls over the wicket to the left-hander where Shami was coming around. Head back-cuts so close to the body, as he always tends to do. Then flashes at a wide one and misses, shades of Warner in both. Misses out again off his pads, then finally climbs into a delivery, wide and not so short but lumberjacked out through cover. Siraj dials back the length and Head is beaten on the top edge, nice bounce from this surface. The bowler gives him a long stare off a long follow-through. A challenge to ask whether he’s willing to come after the ball. So Head does, the last ball of the over. Walks at it, swings through midwicket, and gets a bottom edge back onto the stumps. Advantage Siraj.

1st over: Australia 1-0 (Head 1, Marsh 0) A good start from Shami, the cricket following on from the Test series as he hits a length outside the off stump, finds some bounce, and Head plays cautiously for a few balls before carefully taking a single to point. Marsh gets squared up but survives a thick outside nick along the ground.

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