Isaiah Buggs Sends Strong Message to Lions Teammates After Returning

The Detroit Lions brought back one of their hardest working defenders in Isaiah Buggs, and the move is one that is a great way for the team to kick off the offseason.

Buggs exemplifies the hard work the Lions like to see out of their players and the vision of Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell. After he returned to the team, Buggs wasted little time sending the right message to his teammates.

DetroitLions.com reporter Dannie Rogers caught up with Buggs, and as he explained, right now, the only thing on his mind is getting back to work with everybody, teammates included.

.@dannierogers___ caught up with @BigPooh_91 to talk about re-signing with the #Lions pic.twitter.com/iUM3SvchnM

— Detroit Lions (@Lions) March 14, 2023

“I’m just ready to work. I’m ready to work with the team. I’m ready to work with the coaches. I’m ready to work with everybody. I’m just ready to get back into it,” Buggs said confidently.

Specifically, Buggs did manage to turn things around following his release prior to the 2022 season. That motivation came when he landed in Detroit.

“When I got released by the Steelers, I kind of had to find a way to scratch and claw back to this business. Which, it is a business. I found the love for the game again when Detroit gave me the call, so it’s just all blessings,” Buggs said of his new deal.

Theoretically, few Lions players will need motivation to step up and grind through their workouts this offseason, but if they do, Buggs and his words should serve as all the drive they need.

The defender loves the game again, worked hard and earned himself the right to stick around. Now, he is ready to get back to work once again.

Isaiah Buggs Was Excited to Re-Join Lions

After news of the signing was revealed on the internet on Monday, March 13, Buggs showed up with a tweet that revealed how excited he is to be making his comeback.

It’s obvious that he likes playing for the Lions in a big way, so much so that he was motivated to share his excitement on the internet right away.

Let’s Goo🦁 https://t.co/OuZEakhgFg

— Isaiah D. Buggs (@BigPooh_91) March 13, 2023

“Let’s Goo,” Buggs tweeted when he logged back on Twitter and saw the news of his deal being leaked in the media.

Later, Buggs got even more fired up with a different tweet, simply saying that he loves the Motor City.

Detroit I Love You ❤️ Let’s Work‼️ https://t.co/hSWxgRa5af

— Isaiah D. Buggs (@BigPooh_91) March 13, 2023

“Detroit I Love You. Let’s Work,” Buggs tweeted.

If Buggs seemed excited on the internet to return, when speaking with the media, he was even more fired up. As Buggs explained to reporters including Tim Twentyman, he was motivated to return to Detroit because he believes in what is being built and thinks he could be a leader for the team.

Buggs said he re-signed in Detroit to be part of what he thinks is something great being built. He said he wanted to be in a place where he fit in and could be a leader.

— Tim Twentyman (@ttwentyman) March 13, 2023

“Buggs said he re-signed in Detroit to be part of what he thinks is something great being built. He said he wanted to be in a place where he fit in and could be a leader,” Twentyman tweeted.

Hearing that praise from a player is telling, and only serves to prove that the Lions could be heading toward a very bright future. It’s good for the team to be cultivating a culture where their players want to stay and feel like a major fit.

Isaiah Buggs Earned Return With Solid 2022

Hard work was easily what got Buggs on Detroit’s radar in the first place, and it’s easily what helped keep him a part of the mix for 2023 and beyond, as well.

When he came into the mix, the Lions were looking for help on the interior. With Buggs stepping up and providing some of his toughness, the team’s defensive front got markedly better as the season wore on. That was true of Buggs and his own performance and statistics as well.

During the season, Buggs put up a total of 46 combined tackles, one pass defended and one sack. Additionally, he has been an anchor up front for the Lions in the middle of the line with Alim McNeill. The Lions needed his emergence given the health struggles of Levi Onwuzurike, Josh Paschal and others.

Arguably, one of Buggs’ best games of the season came against Minnesota in December, when he posted one tackle and one sack on the day, but was very active.

Buggs clearly wants to make sure games like this are the norm, and seems to know that hard work is the way to get it done. The contract his behind him, and now he can begin his pursuit of greatness with the team.

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