Jalen Ramsey Gets Reflective on his Time Spent With the Rams

Does Jalen Ramsey feel like he’s a better player than when he first came to the Los Angeles Rams? Even as an already established Pro Bowler?

Ramsey addressed the Miami media on Thursday, March 16 for the first time since his trade to the Dolphins was finalized on the official start of the NFL’s new calendar year (Wednesday). But he reflected back on his time inside the “Rams House,” and revealed that he left learning even more from being around what he called “Hall of Fame” caliber players.

“Being around Hall of Fame players: Aaron Donald, Von Miller, Cooper Kupp, Matthew Stafford…The list can go on,” he began. “I don’t want to leave nobody out, but all those guys. Learning a lot of valuable things from them, learning how our team dynamic was, learning how everyone had their own passion, everybody had their love, but we were all doing it as one.”

Ramsey Revealed if There Was Tensions During 2022 Season

Last season ended up being one of the worst win-loss record campaigns for Ramsey — and his first 5-win season since 2018, which was ironically during his final full season with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Rams went from standing on top of the NFL pedestal as Super Bowl champs to taking the drastic fall to 5-12, which became the worst one-ear collapse for a defending champion. But as the losses piled, was there any animosity and finger pointed that Ramsey saw during practices and inside the locker room?

“Everyone was unified, we always had each other’s back,” Ramsey shared. “It was really like a family. It was good times, it was bad times, it was fights, it was love. It was all that.”

Ramsey Reacts to New Head Coach & Returning to Florida

Ramsey is going from one offensive whiz in Super Bowl champion Sean McVay to a former rival assistant of McVay in Mike McDaniel — who once drew up offenses against Ramsey and the Rams defense as San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator.

McDaniel has already gotten off to a solid start to his head coaching career, having guided the Dolphins to the postseason and snapping a five-season playoff drought in the process. While Ramsey won his ring with McVay coaching him, McDaniel gave this prediction to his newest cornerback — which he shared to reporters.

“He keeps telling me that he’s gonna be the best head coach I’ve ever had,” Ramsey said of McDaniel. “He’s nudging Sean on that a little bit because Sean was great in L.A. It’s gonna be tough because Sean’s the man, but I believe him, though. And I’m gonna hold him to that.”

Ramsey is returning to the state where he became a highly-decorated college football standout at Florida State and emerged as a top five pick — ending a four-year absence from the Sunshine State. He’s already received love from the Miami Heat, who customized a new jersey for No. 5 on March 15:

Ramsey, though, admitted on Twitter he hoped one university he loved watching would’ve showed him more love on the recruiting trail…but ended up hating this rival university to FSU.

“Fun fact: what’s crazy is growing up I was a Miami Hurricane fan. I used to visit and all then they didn’t offer me so I started to hate everything Miami and went to FSU,” Ramsey shared. He ended by sharing he’s now a Dolphin fan.

Lol fun fact: what’s crazy is growing up I was a Miami Hurricane fan… I used to visit & all then they didn’t offer me so I started to hate everything Miami & went to FSU 😂

Then I was a Miami heat fan when Bron was there of course

& now I’m a Dolphin fan! 😂 LIFE!

— Jalen Ramsey (@jalenramsey) March 17, 2023

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