Jayson Tatum Sends Message on Derrick White After Celtics Beat Pacers

Since being acquired by the Boston Celtics at the 2022 trade deadline, Derrick White has become an integral member of the team’s rotation.

As the Celtics overcame the Indiana Pacers on March 24, White once again played an important role, operating as a connector, playmaker, and offensive release valve when the defense collapsed on Boston’s other scoring threats.

When speaking to the media following the game, Jayson Tatum gave a glowing review of what it’s like to share the court with an unselfish player such as White.

“Yeah, you know, D White is like the ultimate teammate,” Tatum said. “And he’s a hell of a basketball player…Can create, can pass, can shoot. And, you know, can be too unselfish sometimes. So just, you know, encouraging him to be aggressive, to be himself, just makes us a much better team.”

White scored 22 points, dished out 9 assists, pulled down 4 rebounds, and garnered 1 steal during the contest against Indiana while shooting 41.2% from the field and 55.6% from the perimeter.

Jaylen Brown Also Praises Derrick White

During his own post-game press conference, Jaylen Brown joined Tatum in praising White and what he brings to the team when he’s being aggressive on the offensive end.

“I always tell him I love when D White is being aggressive,” Brown said. “I’m always looking for him. And stuff like that when D White is aggressive, it changes that dynamic of our team. It makes the game a little bit, you know, opens the game up a little bit. So I’m always looking for D White, you know, Anytime he’s, you know, gossip going on, it’s gonna be good for our team.”

Brown continued his recent run of good performance during the March 24 contest, ending the game with 27 points, 7 rebounds, and 4 assists while shooting 43.5% from the field and 50% from deep.

Joe Mazzulla Credits Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown

When both Tatum and Brown are on the court, opposing defenses have to hone in on them, thus making it easier for their teammates to find and attack gaps. During his post-game press conference, Joe Mazzulla credited both of his All-Star wings for the job they did in finding and creating opportunities for their teammates throughout the win against the Pacers.

“I think it goes to Jaylen and Jayson,” Mazzulla said. “When those two guys are finding the (Marcus) Smart‘s, the Derrick’s, the Al’s, for catch and shoot opportunities. It allows for them to be comfortable. And so I think it’s just a team-connected dynamic of we’re very cautious of our spacing and we’re very cautious of playing the right way. And I think everybody reaps the benefits from that, you know, like Smart’s only took three shots today, but his potential assists and what he did to get us in early offense is not on the stat sheet. And you know, when Derrick is that aggressive because of those things, we’re a different team.”

The Celtics now have eight regular-season games remaining, with their next contest coming on Sunday, March 26, when they face the San Antonio Spurs.

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