Jets Replace Hated Draft Bust With All-Pro in Free Agency: Report

The New York Jets are finally answering the prayers of fans across the country.

Former All-Pro punter Thomas Morstead broke the news on his Twitter account by announcing he’s returning to the green and white in 2023.

“Got my green on. Kiss me, I’m a Jet!”

Got my green on.
Kiss me, I’m a Jet!#HappyStPatricksDay#AllGasNoBrakes#Jets #PinchMe #NeedANewNumber pic.twitter.com/cyNemVTiWn

— Thomas Morstead (@thomasmorstead) March 17, 2023

Welcome Back Thomas Morstead to the Jets in 2023

The 37-year-old is coming back for a second stint with the Jets.

He first joined the green and white back in 2021 after Braden Mann suffered a knee injury that forced the team to place him on injured reserve.

Morstead ended up appearing in seven games during that season for the Jets and delivered some outstanding results.

He punted for over 1,108 yards, averaged 48.2 yards per punt, and pinned seven of those inside the 20.

However, once Mann was deemed healthy enough to return the Jets decided to cut ties with Morstead and go back to their former draft pick.

The former Texas A&M product has struggled mightily since being the No. 191 overall pick in the sixth round back in 2020.

So much so that fans have been begging the team to move on from him.

Can Aaron Rodgers get Pat McAfee to punt for the #Jets? It’s a once a week gig and he’s a significant upgrade over Braden Mann.

People who didn’t watch the #Jets probably don’t realize they legitimately lost TWO GAMES due to ineptitude at the Punter position last season. 😂

— Jake Asman (@JakeAsman) March 15, 2023

Social Media Sends Braden Mann Hate, Celebrates Thomas Morstead Jets Reunion

After Morstead shared the good news on Twitter, it didn’t take long for fans to start responding. One Twitter user bluntly said “good riddance Braden Mann.”

Good riddance Braden Mann

— Vinny & Tha Jets (@VinnyandthaJets) March 17, 2023

Even before the Morstead news, fans were openly wondering why Braden Mann was still on the roster.

the date is march 17 and braden mann is still on the roster?

— . (@JetsRuinedMe) March 17, 2023

The Cool Your Jets Podcast said “no more ill-timed Braden Mann 20-yard shanks” with Morstead entering the fold in 2023.

No more ill-timed Braden Mann 20 yard shanks😮‍💨 https://t.co/lauAyjmGk7

— Cool Your Jets (@CYJpod) March 17, 2023

The Morestead signing seems to be going over pretty well with the fan base. One person said that “my punter” is better than yours in 2023.

So glad I don’t have to see braden mann shanks anymore.

My punter>yours all 23’ season #jets https://t.co/3FyaLxM1Kx

— tenuredjetsfan (@tenuredjetsfans) March 17, 2023

Jets analyst Joe Caporoso has been one of the ring leaders of the move on from Braden Mann movement on social media.

At the beginning of the 2022 season, he said Mann is “terrible” and urged the team to replace him.

Things escalated to another level in the middle of the 2022 season when Caporoso called Mann “one of the worst punters in the NFL” and demanded that the team do something about it. Gang Green never did and rode Mann through the end of the season.

One of the biggest criticisms from fans is why keep Mann if he is performing so poorly. Caporoso explained on his podcast that the punter position is one of the most replaceable in all of football and urged general manager Joe Douglas to do something about it.

While it didn’t happen as quickly as Caporoso would have wanted, the Jets have finally added some legitimate competition to the room.

He celebrated on Twitter with a funny GIF that said, “we did it. We did it, Joe.”

Hell yeah! Was hoping you’d be back. Just this morning 👇 pic.twitter.com/61wiqFWdnQ

— JetsTheory (@JetsTheory) March 17, 2023

A lot of fans argued that when Mann originally got hurt and with Morestead playing so well that the Jets should have kept him instead.

Obviously, the team felt differently but they have a chance to do a mulligan in 2023 with Morestead returning to the fold.

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