Kailyn Lowry Issues Public Apology to Boyfriend Elijah Scott

Award-winning podcast host Kailyn Lowry issued a mea culpa on the March 14 episode of her podcast, “Baby Mamas No Drama,” after she said she paid “100%” of the bills in her relationships.

“I also just wanted to publicly apologize to Elijah because I didn’t mean to insinuate that I was single,” Lowry said about her boyfriend, 24-year-old Elijah Scott, around the 30-minute mark of the episode.

Scott, a construction worker, moved into Lowry’s neighborhood in December 2021, according to The Sun. He lives with Lowry in her Deleware home, along with her four children: 13-year-old Isaac, 8-year-old Lincoln, 5-year-old Lux and 2-year-old Creed.

Lowry, 31, confirmed that she pays for all their expenses, but that’s based on an agreement they made.

“I do pay all the bills right now, but that is because of our situation is that.. we’re working on some things, and we’re trying to save for certain things, and I wanted him to save his money for said thing,” Lowry told her co-host, Vee Rivera. “Right now that’s what works for us, and I didn’t mean to complain.”

Part of the reason the award-winning podcast host pays for everything is that she likes to. “He did take me to dinner the other day and it was very uncomfortable for him to pay for it,” she said about their date to the Melting Pot. “I struggle with letting go of that part of me that is single and independent… It’s still weird and hard for me to do that publicly.”

But it’s not like Scott is living with her and her kids for free. She said he makes up for it in other ways.

“Like, this man is cooking almost every single day, helps my kids cook, he does yard work,” she said. “He does all kinds of things around the house. He literally was on his hands and knees f****** washing the floors… So I just wanted to clarify on this episode that.”

Lowry and Rivera launched “Baby Mamas No Drama” in September 2020. They were inspired to create the podcast because they started out as “bitter rivals” but were able to make their relationship work. Rivera is currently married to Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera. And the former couple is the parents of 13-year-old Isaac.

That makes Vee Rivera the stepmother to Lowry’s eldest son.

Lowry Said They Have the ‘Healthiest Relationship’

Lowry wanted to address her financial situation after The Sun and In Touch wrote articles about a potential split. When they reached out to Lowry’s rep, she denied the rumors.

“This is false,” she told In Touch. “Kail and Elijah are very much still together.”

Not only are Lowry and Scott “still together,” it has been one of the best relationships for the mother-of-four.

“There’s actually never really been trouble in paradise,” Lowry said on “Baby Mamas No Drama.” “We have like the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. So I just wanted to clarify for him more than anybody because I don’t want him to see it or hear it and be upset by what I said.”

Lowry and Scott have been dating since at least April 2022, when she referred to Scott as her “boyfriend” via Instagram, according to Us Weekly.

In June, Chris Lopez — the father of Lowry’s two youngest sons, Lux and Creed — claimed that Scott had already moved in with Lowry.  “I’ll just put it out there,” he said an episode of his “P.T.S.D.” podcast, per Us Weekly. “[The kids] told me that the dude lives with them.”

Scott keeps a low profile on social media and doesn’t publicly post any updates.

Lowry Is Ready to Move on From ‘Teen Mom’

Lowry is arguably best known for her role on “Teen Mom.” She starred on the series for more than 10 years, but quit in May 2022.

Now, Lowry is ready to be known for something else: Her podcasting empire.

“Baby Mamas No Drama” is far from her only business venture. She’s also the host of “Coffee Convos,” with Lindsie Chrisley, and “Barely Famous,” where she is the sole host.

And in September 2021, she launched KILLR Podcast Network, a verticle inside of PodcastOne, where she “mentors up-and-coming podcasters” and “helps them develop their niche in the podcast industry,” Lowry told People.

“I really wanted to focus on making a name for myself outside of TV, and I wanted to be recognized for something other than Teen Mom,” Lowry told People. “So, people really did have a hard time accepting me for anything other than being a teen mom. I think that was one of the bigger challenges for me.”

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