LeBron James Gets Brutally Disrespected by Former Teammate

One of LeBron James’ former teammates brutally disrespected the Los Angeles Lakers star.

Mario Chalmers, who played with James on the Miami Heat, recently said that nobody fears LeBron.

“Nobody fears Bron,” Chalmers said on the In Shambles Podcast. “Nobody’s like, ‘Damn, I gotta go play against Bron tonight.’ Nobody said that. I don’t know why because I seen people be scared when they actually line up to him, but they’re not scared thinking about that matchup.”

“Nobody fears LeBron” – @mchalmers15 😳

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— Playmaker (@playmaker) March 18, 2023

James and Chalmers were teammates on the Heat from 2010-11 to 2013-14. Miami made it to four straight Finals, winning two championships and losing two.

James won two regular-season MVPs and two Finals MVPs with the Heat. The King averaged 26.9 points, 7.6 rebounds and 6.7 assists in 294 games with Miami while shooting 54.3% from the field, 36.9% from beyond the arc and 75.8% from the free-throw line.

Chalmers put up 8.5 points, 2.4 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game in 271 contests with James. The Kansas product last played in the NBA during the 2017-18 season with the Memphis Grizzlies. Chalmers finished his career with averages of 8.9 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.7 assists in 646 games with the Heat and Grizzlies.

Mario Chalmers: People Feared Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and James are universally recognized as the two greatest basketball players in NBA history. The two legends have combined to win nine regular-season MVPs, 10 championships and 10 Finals MVPs.

Chalmers says one of the differences between Jordan and James is players feared MJ.

“You hear anybody from that era talk about going against Jordan, there’s a fear,” Chalmers said. “So when you have people that fear a player, then that’s telling you something different already. Like Jordan is just that guy. Like everything was, ‘I wanna be like Mike.’”

Jordan won six championships, six Finals MVPs and five regular-season MVPs with the Chicago Bulls during the ’90s. He went 6-0 in the Finals and three-peated twice.

Meanwhile, James is a four-time champion, four-time Finals MVP and four-time regular-season MVP. LBJ, who became the NBA’s all-time leading scorer in February, is 4-6 in the Finals.

Allen Iverson Doesn’t like the GOAT Debate

Allen Iverson doesn’t like to answer the GOAT question since he loves Jordan and James. The Hall of Famer told Marc J. Spears of Andscape during All-Star Weekend that he “hates” the GOAT debate.

“I hate it because I love both of them so much and both of them did so much for our game,” Iverson said. “LeBron, I think, to me is the best overall basketball player that we’ll ever see. If you look in the dictionary and look up basketball player, there’ll be a picture of LeBron. But for me, it’s so different because Mike was everything to me. He gave me the vision. He made me want to play basketball. He’s my everything. I wanted to actually be like him, like the commercial, ‘Be like Mike,’ I really wanted to be him. I’m still starstruck every time I see him. I’m still nervous every time. Because he’s Mike to me. He’s my guy. So there’ll never be no one at the top of my list besides Mike. But LeBron is just everything that you want in a basketball player. He’s a total package. He’s God’s gift to the basketball world.”

Jordan and James embraced at the 2022 All-Star Game in Cleveland. Jordan was the final player introduced during the halftime ceremony celebrating the top 75 players in NBA history. After the ceremony concluded, James approached Jordan and the two shared an emphatic hug.

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