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Top 5 Most Expensive ‘Teen Mom’ Stars on Cameo

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MTV’s “Teen Mom” franchise has launched many stars into fame since its premiere episode aired in 2009. While some of its stars have come and gone, many of them still maintain the platform the show has given them, including the social media following. More often than not this fame will extend beyond the main cast members to their friends and family as well.

Several past and current “Teen Mom” stars have signed up for the website Cameo, where fans can pay their favorite celebrities for short video messages to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or for any other occassion. Read below to see which five “Teen Mom” stars charge the most for a personalized video on Cameo.

5. Sophia Abraham

Fans have seen Sophia Abraham grow up right before their eyes, as her mother, Farrah Abraham, was featured on season one of “16 and Pregnant”, which followed her pregnancy with Sophia. After Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, passed away before her birth, Farrah’s journey as a young single mother was documented for seven seasons on “Teen Mom” (which was later rebranded “Teen Mom OG”).

Now, Sophia charges $39 for a personalized video and $275 for a business video (videos meant to market a product, service, brand, or business) on Cameo, with an average video length of 31 seconds.

4. Farrah Abraham

Sophia’s mother Farrah comes in right above her, charging $50 for a personalized video and $500 for a business video. Farrah also offers live video calls for $150 on her Cameo page. Farrah’s videos are the longest on this list, with an average length of one minute and four seconds.

While Farrah has been off of “Teen Mom OG” since she was fired in 2017 for making adult content, the reality television personality made a brief cameo in season one of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, however she seemed to have closed the door with MTV after this appearance, according to The U.S. Sun.

3. Debra Danielsen

It’s all in the family again, as Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen comes in as the third most expensive “Teen Mom” star on Cameo. Debra charges $80 for a personalized video with an average time of one minute and two seconds. She also charges $200 for a business video.

Debra and Farrah have had a history of ups and downs in their relationship while on “Teen Mom”. People reported on their history together in 2017, writing that Debra had been arrested on suspicion of domestic abuse in 2010. Debra also alleged in a “Teen Mom OG” reunion that Farrah was “mentally, emotionally and verbally” abusive towards her. By the end of Farrah’s tenure on the show, the two appeared to be moving in the right direction, with Farrah attending her mother’s 2017 wedding.

2. Kiaya Elliott

Kiaya Elliott from “Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” charges fans $145 for a personalized video on her Cameo, with no average time given, and no offers for a business video. Kiaya was last seen on screen in season two of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion”, where she and her mother worked on their relationship and overcoming the death of Kiaya’s father.

1. Jenelle Evans

Former “Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans takes the top spot on this list, charging $250 for a personalized video on Cameo, with an average video length of 22 seconds. Evans was taken off of “Teen Mom 2” in 2019 after her husband David Eason shot and killed their family dog, Nugget.

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