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Tyler Hynes’ New Online Movie Wows Fans, Crashes Server

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Tyler Hynes is releasing a unique online film that is wowing his fans. In fact, it gained so much attention that one of the film’s iterations actually crashed the server hosting the movie.

Hynes Stars in a Short Sci-Fi Film That Has Multiple Versions

ChimeraA scene from Chimera

Hynes’ new short film is called “Chimera” and can be watched on a website called The site periodically releases different iterations of the same film, and has been rapidly attracting attention from fans.

To view the film, you have to be able to answer a riddle that serves as a barrier to entry. The riddle changes for each new version. The current riddle as of the time of this article’s publication reads: “We Are All B…” with seven spaces after the B. When the film switches to a new iteration, the website makes note of the new version, which currently reads “V1.1.3” as of March 14 at 3 p.m. Central.

The film is a science fiction movie — a very different genre from Hynes’ Hallmark films. It takes place in 2035, according to version 1.1.3, and starts out with a shot of a creature walking across a wasteland-looking landscape. The movie mentions a series of unsolved suicides, and then follows a short moment in a character named Kyle’s life (played by Hynes.) Elements of the film make it appear to be apocalyptic in nature.

It’s worth noting that, as Hynes also warns his fans, there are graphic elements to the film, including a depiction of suicide. When he tweets about the movie, he often adds: “WARNING: Chimera contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.”

One Version of the Film Crashed the Server

After you watch the newest version of the film and click “share,” you’ll see a countdown to when the next version will play. It appears the next version (as of this article’s publication) called “Merge” or V 1.1.4 will premiere on Wednesday, March 15, at approximately 4 p.m. Eastern.

At the moment, there doesn’t appear to be a way to watch the earlier versions of the film, so you’ll want to jump in right away so you don’t miss anything.

Each version stays online for approximately 48 hours. When V 1.1.3 premiered, so many fans wanted to watch it that the server crashed.

Apologies for the server crashing (traffic overload). Thank you for your patience.

WARNING: Chimera contains graphic material.  Viewer discretion is advised.

Chimera V 1.1.3 should now be live for 48 hrs.Enjoy 🙂

Link in bio.

— Tyler Hynes (@tyler_hynes) March 12, 2023

Hynes tweeted: “Apologies for the server crashing (traffic overload). Thank you for your patience.”

Fans have been gathering on social media and in the film’s chat room to talk about theories about the movie and what it might mean. There are a lot of mysteries that we won’t get into here in this story, just in case you are reading and haven’t watched anything yet. But the film is full of mystery, dropping tantalizing clues that viewers are analyzing in-depth.

I’m in love with this thread and all the others like it 🖤😊 #chimera

— Tyler Hynes (@tyler_hynes) March 7, 2023

When V 1.2 went live on March 9, Hynes wrote: “Your attention to detail and speculation has been thrilling to see. Ur interaction with each other couldn’t be more beautiful. Enjoy this next part of the journey. See you in the chatroom ;).”

If you want to join in the discussion, fans are talking about the movie frequently in the Tyler Hynes Official Fan Club on Facebook, where Hynes sometimes drops by to share his own thoughts.

“Chimera” is vastly different from Hynes’ next project that’s premiering on Hallmark. “A Picture of Her” premieres on March 25 on the Hallmark Channel and stars Hynes and Rhiannon Fish.

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