Tyler Hynes Reveals His Ideal Date Night

For weeks, fans of Hallmark Channel‘s Tyler Hynes have been swooning over sneak peeks he’s shared on social media of his new movie with actress Rhiannon Fish, “A Picture of Her,” premiering March 25, 2023. Since his Hallmark debut in 2018’s “Falling For You,” Hynes, 36, has quickly become the network’s most popular bachelor, with a loyal legion of fans called “Hynies” who can’t get enough of his bad-boy looks and good-guy demeanor.

Recent photos and interviews to promote the new movie have given Hynes’ fans — whom he prefers to call “enthusiasts,” he told TV Fanatic — thrilling glimpses into the Canadian-born actor’s thoughts on romance, from sharing insights on his ideal date night to revealing he pushed for a final, passionate kiss with Fish to end their new movie.

Tyler Hynes Shares What Makes a Good Date

In “A Picture of Her,” Hynes’ character Jake plans multiple creative dates to impress Fish’s character, Beth, from a romantic motorcycle ride to cooking dinner for her. During a Facebook Live session on March 22, with his three-year-old pup Rusty James at his side, Hynes was asked to share one of his favorite date activities.

“I think a ride on the back of a motorcycle is never really a bad thing,” he said, “certainly when you’re in a place like California. So, I think the prospect of that in this movie is a bit of a lovely setting. I can’t say I haven’t done that myself.”

A motorcycle enthusiast, Hynes told Media Village that he almost didn’t get to ride one in the movie despite that being part of the plotline.

“There was almost a moment I wasn’t going to because of insurance purposes,” he said. “I told the production guys, ‘This is why I’m here. I need to have my butt on that bike.’ For this character, it lent itself to a certain romance that I hadn’t explored yet, and I think the folks who perhaps follow me wouldn’t mind seeing me on a bike in a movie as I do ride one in real life.”

During his Facebook Live, he said nothing “in particular” came to mind as a favorite activity, but that forging a connection with another person and letting it unfold organically are his favorite parts of a good first date.

“I think I like when things go the way they’re supposed to,” he mused. “And if you don’t quite know how that evening is going to go down. I think that’s all the more fun and it feels like it becomes something organic to the situation, to the person that you’re across from.”

He continued, “I think that trying to contrive something that feels like an idea of what a date should be is probably not how I would go about it. Just sort of listening to the person across from me and knowing who they are. Perhaps … finding something that might tickle us in this sort of new circumstance we find ourselves in. I think that would probably be the way I would go about it.”

“But a motorcycle ride through the hills is not a bad thing,” he quipped.

Rhiannon Fish Was ‘Really Happy’ About Kisses With Tyler Hynes in ‘A Picture of Her’

HallmarkRhiannon Fish and Tyler Hynes in “A Picture of Her”

While past Hallmark Channel movies have often featured an innocent, movie-ending kiss between the two leads, “A Picture of Her” elevates the romance to another level, including one particularly swoon-worthy kiss on a motorcycle, which he advocated for.

Hynes joked to TV Fanatic, “Yeah, there’s some COVID being passed in those kisses for sure.”

“That final scene was something that wasn’t originally there,” he revealed about the duo’s final kiss in the film. “And I was like, ‘Look guys, I think we’re missing an opportunity here.’ I know legally it’s tough to get Rhiannon on the back of the bike with me, but there’s something to the image of the simplicity of her and I just in that moment together that’s sort of deeply simple and romantic and I’m really glad that we found the time and energy to be able to make that last sort of shot and sequence happen because I think it bookends the movie in a nice way and gives you a nice lasting image that can stay with you.”

Fish had no complaints about getting to kiss Hynes multiple times during filming.

She told Just Jared, “There’s a lot of kisses! I sound like a little giggling school girl … but I’ve done, I’ve done a few of these Hallmark movies now and there used to just sort of be where there was like the one big kiss at the end. Now, there’s like a midway kiss and the end kiss in this movie. Like, Tyler and I kissed a few times.”

“That was a surprise and it was a welcome surprise,” she continued. “I was really happy about it.”

“A Picture of Her” premieres on Hallmark Channel at 8 p.m. Eastern time on March 25.

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